LentBlog Day 38: WAKE UP!

Romans 13:11-14

Our sons are awesome little guys. Our 2-year old, Charlie, is way more a morning person than I will ever be. When the sun is up, so is Charlie, ready for some warm chocolate milk and some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The other day we were actually sleeping in a bit on a Saturday when Charlie came in our room and said, “Mommy, Daddy… sun is up! I get up!” Thanks, Spring-ahead time change. The one day we get to sleep in… and it wasn’t happening.

See, I kind of like that early morning, cool sheets, no worries, day hasn’t started feeling of just resting…  That, and my summer of marching Drum & Bugle Corps taught me how to sleep pretty much anywhere. But that “aaaaahhh” feeling of another hour before sunrise to just chill and rest gets me almost every time.

I think this passage of Scripture is a klanging, brassy alarm clock to that kind of attitude when it comes to our faith and life in the world.wakeup

I think would say when the church gets to comfortable with their dreamy, trance-like, snuggly-cozy, no responsibilities, rest of the world doesn’t exist sleepiness, we’re headed for trouble.

And I think many churches have lived there for way too long.

While we’ve been snuggled under the sheets, hitting the snooze-button just one more time, our culture has left us behind. And many times when someone has the courage to come along and say, “WAKE UP!!” they become either targets for unfounded attack or hipster talking points we post about but don’t really heed.

I think Paul is pleading with the church, then and now, to wake up. Turn the Light on. Take a shower and throw some water on your face. Get dressed. Drink some coffee. Now get out there and live-out your calling to love!

The question is, will the Master find us sleeping… comfortable but clueless; rested but ineffective… or will He find his people spending themselves in his Mission to save the world?

I’ll leave you with that while I go set my alarm.




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