LentBlog Day 24: Our Hope Is Built On Nothing Less… (AKA: It’s Incarnation, folks)

Romans 8:31-35.

As I read this again this evening, the old hymn goes through my head: “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” I find myself really, really glad that the hope we have as followers of Jesus is not something made by human hands. Lots of folks are finding lots of reasons not to believe. Lots of folks are convinced Easter is a trumped-up myth that humans used to create a religion. Sometimes the church has given them reason to think that way, for sure, but in the end, I respectfully disagree. I really am convinced the best stuff comes from outside of us, and hope is some of the best stuff. JesusIcon

“He who did not withhold his own son…” The incarnation is the source of our hope. The life, death, and resurrection of the Christ is the only thing, I think, that really gives us much hope. It is there that God shows God’s power over death. It is there we are transformed as well. I guess I really do have the audacity to believe that Jesus was really raised from the dead. If he wasn’t, then Christianity really is no different than the other religions that say some good things and call us to a better moral and community ethic of sorts, but are after all is said and done merely human-made systems. But I believe. I believe in Christ, God has suffered and died, and was raised. I believe our intercessor (v. 34) has been there and done that. He lived, breathed, ate, slept, died and was raised in our place– where we are.

Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus, because if it’s built on something or someone else, it’s really no hope at all.




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