On training leaders and going deeper.

Jumping right in here, so here goes.Image

I’m pretty sure as a pastor we don’t train our people enough theologically. As Stefanie and I work on beginning something new, I’m convinced we must create a high expectation for the theological education of our leaders.  I’m inspired by our Spanish-speaking colleagues on the Kansas City District. They expect their leaders to be in the ministerial course of study, regardless of whether they profess a call to ordained ministry. As a result, they have consistency among their people. Their leaders are just as busy and work just as many hours as their Anglo counterparts. And they engage in theological/biblical courses in addition to worship and discipleship classes. 

This week Stefanie and I began teaching a class at MFC for the leaders. It’s heavy. It’s deep. It’s unapologetically Wesleyan and Nazarene. One student came out of the class saying she felt she was back in school, but she really enjoyed the class.

And I find myself thinking, why would we hold the deep aspects of our doctrine from our people?  If it’s good enough for ministerial training, why keep it from our lay leaders? 

A question for my Nazarene colleagues: What would it be like if you could go to any leader in your congregation and have a conversation about the plenary inspiration of scripture or relational holiness, and everyone was speaking the same language?